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'I dreamt that there was an empty room left after us'

Glorious arrival

“Escape Room” is a screendance piece created for MAD as part of “New arrival” series. The video series assumes creation of works in the broadly understood screen dance genre with openness to possible intermedia experiments.

Meeting the Other

“Escape Room” is an adaptation of a choreographic piece originally presented on stage. “I dreamed that there was empty room left after us” was choreographed and performed by Barbara Bujakowska and Paulina Wysocka. Transforming the piece into a moving image in actual political and social situation and the choice to perform the role of Paulina by Karol Miękina brought to light new meanings and interpretation possibilities.

The project is a dadaist-surreal image of a meeting with the Other (Kapuściński, Levinas). The term “Other” can be understood in many ways and used in different meanings and contexts, for example to distinguish between gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or even age difference (generation gap). Each encounter with the “Other” is a mystery, an unknown, a mystery, which can cause fear and the urge to run away, contempt, and even hatred. The illusion of space appears – the belief that what is distant is different, and the more distant – the more different. According to Herodotus, xenophobia is a disease of the frightened, suffering from an inferiority complex, terrified that they will have to look at the mirror of the culture of the “Other”. To conquer, colonize, master, addict – this is a reflex towards the “Other”, which has been repeated over and over again throughout the history of the world. The very idea of ​​equality with the “Other” is struck by the human mind very late, many thousands of years after man began to leave traces of his presence on earth. Nowadays, more and more people have problems in defining their own identity, in defining their social or cultural affiliation. There are voices of nationalists, racists and homophobes who make “Other” see a threat, enemy, the cause of your tiresome fears and frustrations.

Both in this and her other projects, Bujakowska decides to raise social and psychological topics in a light and accessible way.


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