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'Exodus' is a Latin word derived from Greek 'Exodos', meaning literally 'way out'.

Art must be bio

“Exodus” is a moving image artwork created around the subject “Art must be bio”, the experimental series of videos which relate to the impact of human interventions on nature. The common part of the works is in their simplicity of relating in not always straightforward connection elements of natural habitat with manmade inventions. The title of the series suggests a connection with Marina Abramović’s famous artwork to relate to the frame of performing arts genre. The works have certain approach to liberation from pain through ritualistic movement with an attempt to choreograph nature.

A path to liberation

“Exodus” is an invitation to meditation on violence. It relates to not only ecological but also human political disasters and our possible extinction. Ocean filmed at twilight is portrayed as the glorious witness of the tragedies that happen in the deep dark water. By interlacing two moving images, two different worlds, textures and temperatures “Exodus” creates an emotional experience, which drags the viewer into a trance. The waves are painted with light in an animated structure, which relates to the score of “Exodus” by Wojciech Killar.

For the best experience it is recommended to watch the video in a dark, quiet room.


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