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'What I truly want, it's innocence lost'.

Recycling digital

“Jumpcore 2.0” is a mashup of a famous performance piece, a part of “recycling digital”, the experimental series of videos, which take on a palette existing movement-based performances’ recordings. The idea to rework the readymade material took place in the time, when meetings to record new live work became limited or impossible. The common idea of the series is to rethink what value can be added in post-production and transformation of which element can create new meanings.

‘Life imitates art’

From the original “Jumpcore” piece by Paweł Sakowicz:
“It is not entirely clear if Fred Herko planned to finish his intimate performance with a suicide death. He took a bath, turned on Mozart’s Coronation Mass and began to dance naked in his friend’s living room. He approached an open window several times. When Sanctus resounded, he ran and jumped out the window of the apartment on the fifth floor of New York’s Cornelia Street. Ballet dancers are said to believe they can fly. And indeed, suspended for a second in a jump, they do.”

Choreography and dance: Paweł Sakowicz; Dramaturgy: Mateusz Szymanówka; Costume: Doom 3k; Production: Maat Festival; Coproduction: Scena Tańca Studio; Zachęta – Narodowa Galeria Sztuki; Jumpcore belongs to the collection of the Zachęta – National Gallery of Art; Jumpcore was selected for Aerowaves Twenty19.

“Jumpcore 2.0” looks into the digital urban culture by graphically cleaning the original set and adding a sense of control that comes from elsewhere in the form of infinite scroll.

Based on recording by Vincent Tirmarche as part of Who’s Afraid of (Polish) Choreography in Susch Museum, Switzerland.

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