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Edition No 01.2020

World went MAD.

In the times of limited possibilities to meet, create and present work; in the times, when cultural live moved to digital space; in the times of isolation, paradoxes and bizarre uncertainties… A meeting place for MEDIA AND DANCE was created from the need to install a platform linking artists from different artistic fields in order to create experimental movement based works. This issue is an introduction to the following series of videos.

Art must be bio.

The experimental series of videos which relate to the impact of human interventions on nature. The common part of the works is in their simplicity of relating in not always straightforward connection elements of natural habitat with manmade inventions. The title of the series suggests a connection with Marina Abramović’s famous artwork to relate to the frame of performing arts genre with an attempt to choreograph nature.

Glorious arrival.

The video series assumes creation of works in the broadly understood screen dance genre with openness to possible intermedia experiments. The project takes on a palette existing choreographies designed for stage or new, not yet published interventions. The key for existing compositions is their adaptation for new media.

Recycling digital.

The experimental series of videos, which take on a palette existing movement-based performances’ recordings. The idea to rework the readymade material took place in the time, when meetings to record new live work became limited or impossible. The common idea of the series is to rethink what value can be added in post-production and transformation of which element can create new meanings.

Improvisers Orchestra.

The series of movement-based works, created using structural improvisation techniques. The creative direction of these works starts from certain decisions about elements like the choice of location, sound, theme, structure, movement quality etc. The dancer’s relation to the presence of the camera is a key element of the production, which is significantly different than when creating for the audience. There is always an element of uncertainty throughout the process, only defined by the final cut.

Coming soon.

We have started with the presentation of the minimalist “Exodus”. It can be viewed on MADcatalog. Premiere times of the rest of projects will be announced in social media and our newsletter. Stay connected.