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World went MAD.

In the times of limited possibilities to meet, create and present work; in the times, when cultural live moved to digital space; in the times of isolation, paradoxes and bizarre uncertainties…
A meeting place for MEDIA AND DANCE was created from the need to install a platform linking artists from different artistic fields in order to create experimental movement based works.

Spectacular paradox.

The World became full of paradoxes not only because of the way politicians dealt with the calamity. An unequivocal situation arose, when the human race got a slap on the cheek, nature received time to breathe. For some people, isolation led to mental problems, loss of loved ones, others found time for themselves. The fact, that culture has found more place on the web is another of many paradoxes. It can be argued whether this is good or not, but we are part of these changes.

Indefinite connections.

MAD catalog started as a presentation of collaborations of Anna Bajjou, screendance director with choreographers. MEDIA AND DANCE takes on a mission the need to widen the possibilities of meeting inter-media with movement and invites artists from different disciplines to take part in this adventure.

Intricate process.

The aim of the platform is to experiment. The ideas come from every project and depend on people involved. By translating movement into a video form, time is shortened, the angle and scale are distorted, gravity acquires new laws, the space surprises. By applying the laws of editing, dance takes on a new remixed form. Adding digital new technologies and interactive possibilities anything can happen. The key point is transformation.


The project was implemented under the scholarship program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage 'Culture in the network'.

The project was developed in collaboration with:

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