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'Within self or within space'

Improvisers orchestra

“Within” is part of “Improvisers orchestra”, series of movement-based works, created using structural improvisation techniques. The creative direction of these works starts from certain decisions about elements like the choice of location, sound, theme, structure, movement quality etc.

The dancer’s relation to the presence of the camera is a key element of the production, which is significantly different than when creating for the audience. There is always an element of uncertainty throughout the process, only defined by the final cut.


Taming uncertainty

“Within” is an effect of collaboration with a very talented Marta Wołowiec – choreographer and dancer. The starting point for the piece was a choice and availability of a very imposing site, which could be inhabited by the performer. The camera follows the dancer and the dancer follows the camera in constant decisions, hesitations and attempts to appropriate the space by adapting or opposing to its geometry.

To be within self or within space?

Direction and camera
Choreography and dance
Sound and 2nd camera

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